Monday, January 23, 2012

Another color theory mobile!

Since the Kindergartners had such a good time with our last color theory mobile I have been brainstorming on a mobile that includes all of the grades. I found a Martha Stewart cutting template that cuts slits in paper and then you can twist them to make these swirls and I knew it was perfect for our mobile!

We did a review on complimentary colors and mixing paint. We looked at Picasso's painting, Three Musicians

to see how complimentary colors worked in an actual painting. They mixed their own orange and green and then painted both the front and back of their pre-cut papers. They loved seeing how to twist and staple their papers into these swirls. I enjoyed them investigating how to put it together, it was kind of a brain teaser ;).

The following days after this lesson I received a great gift from a student whose mom had both the small and large Martha Stewart templates. They took the time to make several spirals and put together a little chandelier for my room out of them! So sweet!