Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally- I'm done posting the Claymation movies ;). They follow this post...

Our last enrichment session was making Claymation movies. I've uploaded them here on the blog so the families can share their child's movie if they would like. Some of the students worked in teams and others worked by themselves.

We started with brainstorming and outlining our characters and our settings. I warned them that these movies would take a lot of time to make but the actual movie would be very short so their narratives were also to be short. We made our "sets" with cardboard and paint and we used Claytoon clay.

These were quite a labor of love! Each movie took about 20 minutes to half an hour just to can imagine that is a long time to elementary students! They were all incredibly patient. After they had made their characters and sets they each had to figure out how to make their character stand, move, fly, etc. and how to keep their set from falling. Watching them figure out what works and what doesn't work was wonderful. This was a great learning experience and trial and error experience!!

I can't wait to do this enrichment class again next year. I'll post my super simple instructions on how to make Claymation movies at home for those of you who would like to try it with your kids.


Claymation movies from the enrichment students

Claymation movies from the enrichment students

more Claymation movies ;)

Claymation movies from the enrichment students