Sunday, December 7, 2014

Speed Bead Painting ;)

So clever!!!!!!!!

Color Wheel Mixing colors game

We have been integrating our color investigations throughout the last months. This color wheel game included painting wooden beads that would eventually be strung on the mobiles we are currently making.
I wanted the kids to work backwards with their color mixing. When we made our color wheels we already had the colors in mind that we were trying to create. This game had the kids spin two colors and mix those together just to see what happened. I was worried that we would make lots of brown but believe it or not, brown wasn't that prevalent-yay!
I had two kids come up at a time and spin the wheel once each. We painted one bead the first color, then another bead the second color and then mixed the two colors together to make the third, invented color. Eventually I referred to the spins like addition problems because that seemed to click for the kids easiest.
I recorded each student's spin on the whiteboard because I didn't want to rush a child that may need more time.
We sure made some beautiful beads and learned a lot about how colors interact along the way!!!