Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back at school! Meet Willis the Art Wagon (art on a cart ;))

Willis the art Wagon and an exquisite replication from a talented second grader, Baby Willis ;)
drawing portraits of Willis

Portraits of Willis as well as the art wagons that they envision

My first grader asked if everyone could autograph Willis so we have slowly been working on giving everyone a chance to sign him ;)

Baby Willis!!! My heart soared when this student handed this to me!

She even replicated his eyebrows!


These first few weeks back at school have been busy and wonderful. Mrs. Slats and I are waiting for a school expansion that should be completed in a month or so and until then we don't have an art room. So we are "art on a cart" for a little while!

 My children and I invented a silly way to bring art on a cart to the classrooms each day by creating "Willis the Art Wagon". We personified a wagon I bought on Amazon and my creative younger brother gave me a list of great names we could use.....when I heard the name "Willis" I was all set!!! Perfect!

Willis is blue, has an orange mustache, his name flashes in lights on his side and he is complete with a license plate. Our family is so comfortable with talking about him now that my kids ask me daily how my day with Willis was ;).

The first week of school I introduced Willis and talked with the kids about personification in regards to Willis, advertising, cartoons, fine art and literature. We started by drawing portraits of Willis and then the kids invented and sketched their own "art wagon"....if they made an art wagon would it be personified? How or how not? What color would it be? How much would they be willing to pay for it? How would they keep art supplies on the wagon? There were some pretty awesome ideas being drawn!!