Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Typeface and Career lesson

We just finished up the coolest project that we worked on with a parent at the school! She is involved in  National Career Development Week which is an organization that is responsible for developing standards for the career development profession and for the provision of career counseling programs and services. She made brainstorming worksheets and a power point to get the students thinking about what their strengths and interests are. Using that information they sought out professions that may be a good fit for them when they are older. It was really special to me to learn more about my kids- I was fascinated to hear what they love and seek!

My contribution to the project was teaching them about typography and specifically a typeface (a set of characters that share common design features). Each child developed a typeface based around their career choice. They made a poster about their career using their typeface.They also researched the history of their chosen career and were encouraged to use those historical facts in their poster.

The posters turned out so fantastic!! I'll upload many more photos when I have a little more time but I was itching to share these few that I took photos of yesterday.

Kids- you blow me away with your effort!! Very well done!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mosaic fundraiser for our school Gala


Our school Gala (the PTA's event) was last night and it was so beautiful! Our PTA blew me away- their ideas and effort were incredible!!!

They were very sweet to let me have a large table right at the entrance to place the mosaics on. I made little books to accompany each mosaic that documented the process of each class making them. The PTA made cute signs for me and one dad even designed and printed an awesome sign that explained the project. It was really uplifting to have so much support.

Kids- you never cease to impress me with your work!!