Sunday, April 26, 2015


After we ended our International Studies banner we continued with that focus and entered into a printmaking project.
I wanted to practice the reading strategy, visualizing. It's my favorite because visualizing is so important for problem solving in art (and really other area's of our lives as well).
I realized when I started reading to the kids how little of that I've done this year- I missed it!!! Apparently so did they ;). Even the fifth graders seemed riveted.
I found a folk tale from each of the grade specific International Studies focuses. I read the folk tale, not letting the kids see the pictures in the book. Every few pages I would stop and they would draw what they pictured in their minds. Easy peasy.
Seriously. Cute. Stuff.
I'll explain in the next post how this connects to my lesson plan ;).
a third grader visualizing a Norse myth about Loki

a second grader visualizing a Greek myth