Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One point perspective lesson with soft pastels

I can't stop uploading pictures for this post because I'm so enamored with these drawings ;). These are from 1st-3rd grades. I approached the lesson a little different with the Kindergartners and I don't see 4th and 5th grade until Wed. (these here are my Monday students).

We looked at a couple of paintings by Grant Wood (American painter....super famous for the American Gothic painting) who creates really interesting space with perspective.

We also looked at Martin Puryear's "Ladder for Booker T. Washington" sculpture (here)....
Then we got technical and I instructed how to use a vanishing point, horizon line and orthogonal lines to create a guide to show perspective in their drawing and painting. I gave them one "rule" which was they had to show me some sort of road, path, river, etc in their drawing. From there they could invent their own place.

We also got the chance to work with high quality soft pastels......and they were a LOT messier that I envisioned them being!! ;) The students seemed to really enjoy working with them though. They are so full of potential! I see them as a cross between a drawing tool and a painting tool.

The first session they completed their drawing and laid in color. The second session I gave them pastel pencils, Conte crayons in several colors and a fine paintbrush and water to add their details.

Needless to say I was GUSHING over their results and effort....which is why I keep adding more and more to this post!!!