Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Additional Color Wheel Clock images.....

Color Wheel Cuckoo Clocks from the beginning of the school year

We typically begin the year with a review of color mixing and color theory. This sets the stage to use color more purposefully in our later projects. Mrs. Slats came up with the awesome idea to equate the color wheel to a clock. Color Wheel Cuckoo Clocks were born! We were able to cover telling time, color visual arts standards, language arts standards and more within this one lesson.

For this project, we built on our color knowledge and went deeper with color theory. Then we used our     color art work as part of our clocks.

We studied cuckoo clocks, learned about clock makers residing in the Black Forest in Germany, we discovered the history of cuckoo clocks and compared historical clocks to contemporary clocks.

For the content of our clocks we used writing as an analogy. Each student chose a “main idea” and designed a plan to make their main idea visual. Following their brainstorming, they chose and created “supporting details” to add to their clocks.

Can you guess the “main idea” of some of these clocks?

Catching up

 Whew....school is over in less than 2 weeks. Each year seems to go by faster!

Our final middle school unit is a drawing project. Drawing can be intimidating to some kids so we tried to loosen them up with drawing "stations" before they began their drawings. The stations modeled many different ways to make marks, value, line quality, etc. They also included images of artist's work who use each method of mark making.