Thursday, May 31, 2012

The auction items finally in place for the end of the year show!

This was just a very small portion of the final show but just these items took MONTHS of work ;). It is very fulfilling for me to see them completed, raise a wonderful amount of money for the art program and know that the winning families get a fabulous piece to take home. It has been an amazing year for me here!! I have loved every minute of it and although I am ready for summer with my family, I will be looking forward to being back in August!

More of the auction items we made-

 A stool for one of the Kindergarten classes. They each were able to paint a few squares.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A first grade auction item....

This piece was made by an incredibly creative 1st grade class. Just like the wooden squares on the birdhouses the students painted these little wood circles, ovals and tear drop shapes. I didn't know what I was going to do with them at first. One night I laid them out to brainstorm I started arranging them and knew that simply framing them would be perfect.

Birdhouses!....end of the year auction items

With each class I made an item to auction at the end of the year Spring Showcase. The Showcase is an event that combines the art, music and Spanish departments. We have a BLAST planning these events and I get super sappy during them!!

It's quite a gift to be involved with and teach the entire school. During the performance I was taking pictures of my own son performing but trying to get as many pictures of every student because my heart swells watching them as well :).

These pieces were made by two of the Kindergarten classes. They each painted a few wood squares and rectangles and I glued them to a birdhouse then painted the open areas. I watched several kids run up to the birdhouse and search to find the squares that they contributed ;). Collaborative projects rock! So does raising a good amount of money for the art department on auction items!!

Handmade books....finished...finally ;)

Here are some photos of the collaborative books that we made for the teachers. I have to say, binding them was so incredibly time consuming that I almost gave up! I went to my favorite art store this weekend and bought book binding tools so next year I will be more prepared. I sure love how these turned out though!! I love that we all made them together. I love how excited the kids were to pour over them when I had bounded it all.