Sunday, September 14, 2014

Middle school- hand binding with the Coptic stitch

I love middle school!!! These sweet kids were so persistent and expressed such great team work as they decorated, made "signatures" (that is what a group of papers is called in book binding), punched a ridiculous amount of holes ;) and eventually learned how to sew the ancient Coptic stitch to bind their art journals. I think the images speak for themselves with how beautiful they turned out. This project was tough and we jumped right into it the second week of school but they were really positive as they learned!

An unfinished journal with six signatures ready for binding.


I thought about these all summer- art journals!

 This year we made Art Journals and the students became book designers using colored tapes, patterned paper and circle stickers. I wanted to assess how they handled basics like glue sticks, scissors and peeling/sticking tape. I also challenged them to invent an envelope or pouch to hold the "art cash" that they will earn throughout the year. Some kids folded a journal page into a triangle, creating a sleeve that they reinforced with tape to hold their art cash- clever!!

The students will use their art journals very similar to a sketchbook but not just for sketches. They will record brainstorming ideas, self-reflections, sketches and keep written responses in them.

We had a great time designing with the tapes and I realized that I have lots of kiddos proficient in the language of duct tape design ;). I can't wait to see the journals full of ideas and reflections from class!!!



Back to school- portfolio time!

I can't believe that we are going into the fifth week of school already!!!
We rolled out the year with our usual portfolio making. I remind the kids to tell me all about themselves with their drawing on their portfolios. It's pretty cute to see what they are interested in outside of school. It's really nice because I learn so much about some of my quieter kids that I normally don't have the opportunity to find out about them- like if they enjoy their dance class or playing lacrosse or cooking with their mom.
My partner, Mrs. Slats, built incredible storage for the portfolios this year made out of pallets. She stained and painted them to match our walls and covered the top with fabric so we have even more workspace at the front of the room. Each class has a section just for their portfolios. This is a big upgrade from the plastic bins I stuffed them in the past years ;). Heaven!!
Here are some photos of the kids working.