Thursday, October 8, 2015

Art Journals- Personification

This year one of our first projects is making our art journals again. We keep our brainstorming, reflections, take notes, write and more in our journals throughout the year.

We were smart this year and asked for washi tape on our supply list ;)- but we still blew through it!

Because we had been discussing personification due to Willis (the art Wagon), I kept running with the idea of turning objects into humans. For their journal cover the kids had to select an object that they have affection for (no animals- I wanted them to chose something inanimate) and they had to personify that object. They couldn't use markers or draw...they could only use tape. I taught them a trick to cut small areas using parchment paper and Mrs. Slats figured out that if you stack the tape a few times it made small pieces much easier to cut. Between both of those methods they created some really fantastic details!!

A personified football! Love!
I personified my boom box and I saw him peeking up at me one day covered in hundreds of journals that I was toting to different classes that day....made me giggle ;).

This amazed me- a first grader took a clip art image of cherries, flipped it upside down and turned it into a mouse face- awesome!!!!!!!
I read this book to the kids a few days into the project. It's great!!!
My favorite page in the book ;).