Thursday, April 25, 2013

Paper making!

 We have been super busy making paper these past few weeks! I have big plans for the paper ;)- but for now I'll just share the process. We used the tin can paper making method- really easy, inexpensive and creates a cool little circle of paper. I lined the project up with earth day so we had the opportunity to talk about recycling and not wasting. It was really heartwarming to see the kids faces and excitement while making the paper and I even had students tell me they went home after class with me and their parents made paper with them at home- LOVE IT!! :))

                           Some of the papers in our "press".

                                   Awwww- sweet notes that my 3rd graders leave me at the end of the day- THIS MAKES MY WEEK when I find they have written kind things to me. NOTHING beats working with kids!
                    First we our the paper "slurry" into the can.
            Then we spend lots of time squishing the water out of our paper "patty".
              A nice piece of paper- ready to put in the press.
                Keeping the names on the paper is no easy task ;))).

More sweet notes!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Mermaids and Me" claymation

Another group of kindergartners (I know you agree with me that these kids are such talented, hard workers!! How incredible are they??)- this group is four girls. They left no detail unexplored.....everything that they could think of that they would see in the sea they included. Details are important so I was very pleased! These kiddos only come to me on a part time basis so you can see how efficient they were- super proud of you guys!!

"Aliens vs. Humans"..claymation

Ah- this epic battle was invented by two kindergarten boys ;). Listening to them talk out their idea was so great! They decided that their film would begin on the moon and that eventually the aliens would defeat the humans, although I think they changed that while they were filming and the humans won. I adored all of the characters they made and how well the two of them bounced ideas off each other- such a great team!! Enjoy!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Here is another one!- Red Riding Hood claymation

Ah! This is so adorable! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! Three girls made this one....they are all insanely talented and so much fun for me to work with. Two of them are in 4th grade and one is in second grade. I know these films are short but pay attention to the details if you can....the glasses on the wolf after he eats grandma are so cool! The detail and hair on the wolf are incredibly life like. The eyes on Red Riding Hood and the little pants on the woodcutter----I love it all!

The second grader gave me the music choices and when she wanted the songs to enter into the film- I had to use her spelling for Beethoven since I didn't remember how to spell it ;).

Thursday, April 4, 2013

"BFF" claymation about puppies!

Ah- this one is so sweet!! It's named "BFF" and it about girls and their dogs ;). The craftsmanship is insane- notice the flowers and the crazy detail on the puppies! These students are 2nd and 3rd grade.

Claymation- "The Big Race", second graders

This one is an energetic, fun Claymation portraying an intense car race. The group includes my 2nd grade son and his friend J, also in 2nd grade (love them!). They knew each other in preschool and both liked hot wheels back then....their interest hasn't waned ;)). Every once in a while, since this is an after school class, I have to bring my younger son over from our school's preschool. On the days he was there J and R made him feel so included and special- they even wrote his name on every paper ;). Very well done boys!

Minecraft Claymation by two hard working 4th graders!

I'm very excited to finally start posting the Claymation videos! This first one is from my two spectacular 4ht graders- A and J. They not only produced their own awesome film- they also shot most of the other student's films as well as edited them (added music, titles, split frames, etc.) in Windows Movie maker for me. I'm so impressed and thankful!! Thank you A and J!!