Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pom Pom stop motion!!

It's been a busy month in the art room! We integrated a fundraising project into our regular color theory unit and got lost in the love of pom pom making.
Pom goodness I can't seem to get enough of making them! I have personally been crazy obsessed with making them since last spring. My three kids have caught the fever as well so they begged me to teach it during art. I bought a slew of Clover pom pom makers (trust me, Clover makers are the only way to teach a room full of young people) and an ever bigger slew of yarn and we got to work! It takes a bit for the kids to adjust to it but they catch on quick! I love that the kids are required to work with a simple contraption and that the yarn can take on such a transformation.
I have much more to share about pom poms but for now here is the brief beginning of the pom pom stop motion animation we have been fooling around with during classes. Not all of the kids want to participate but if they have done stop motion animation before they are jumping at the chance ;).
I love turning these little, fluffy nothings into characters. They crack me up!