Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some of the completed Comic Strips

Comic Strips featuring our creatures

For our next project we extended off of the last project. I really wanted the kids to push their characters/creatures further in an additional format and transfer their writing practice into the art room.
They each designed and wrote a comic book featuring their bioluminescent character. We started by using graphic organizers for writing (which varied by grade or level) to lay out their story. Then I gave them a photograph that I had taken of their stuffed animal creature to use as a visual resource for drawing. I gave them both a front and back view so they could use those perspectives in their comic book. They practiced drawing both views before attempting it in their comic book (they are SUCH good sports about all of the planning tasks I make them do for each project ;)!).
I drew an outline for the strip and copied it onto nice Bristol paper so the paper was thick, strong and smooth.
For the next few weeks they hammered away at their comics. Some kids wove each other's creatures into each other's comics.....the stories connecting and extending off of the other.
When it came to inking and coloring the comics I only let them use fine tipped pens. I bought Sharpies, gel pens and ball point pens but all fine tips. Although it took a lot of hard work the final comic strips turned out stunning!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

GLOWING! Our glow in the dark stuffed animals.

Finally! Our completed bioluminescent, glow in the dark stuffed animals!

After everything was painted and sewn on, we stitched the stuffed animals together on the sewing machine. I tried to have every child help me press the pedal but unfortunately time wouldn't allow me to do every one at school. We stitched the "right" sides together, left a small hole, flipped them right side out and then they stuffed and stitched the hole closed. I wish I could show all of them here. The final pieces are really precious and well thought out!!!

Ah! Some of my fabulous sewing moms/partners who came for 2 days straight to help sew during class. I'm so grateful for our amazing families at school!!!