Thursday, May 7, 2015

Editing and adding to our prints.....and becoming a "curator"

Some pics of the kids adding final details to finish off their prints. We talked a lot about editing and what a curator is ;). SO beautiful!!!!!

Inventing and printmaking our Beasts!!

In this printmaking project we are still learning about each grade level's International Studies focus. I started by reading a folk tale from each grade's specific focus. Fourth grade is Medieval Times, second grade is Greek Mythology and the Renaissance, first grade is Asia, etc.
After we read the folk tales and practiced visualizing, we talked about what real life trials people in our International Studies culture may have faced. For Medieval Times we talked about how they were constantly engaged in warfare, how medicine was still developing and how the Plague affected their lives. For Greek Mythology we discussed how hard it was to communicate in such a mountainous region. We began to see that the folk tales we read sometimes reflected the real trials that their cultures faced.
I gave each child a brainstorming sheet and a real trial their International Studies culture faced.
They had to invent a Beast (mythological creature) that lived in their
International Studies culture's time. The Beast needed to have some power or ability to help their culture survive one of the trials or hardships they faced. I allowed it to be completely fantastical. I didn't care how unrealistic or magical it was.....but I wanted them to use fantasy to "fix" a real problem. Loved, loved, loved their solutions!!!
We sketched and then transferred our Beasts to Styrofoam printing blocks. The kids made several prints of their Beasts. They should be very proficient in pulling a perfect print after all of our printmaking sessions!!