Saturday, December 10, 2011

Memory Games from printmaking enrichment

Our printmaking session lasted 6 weeks which gave me a lot of time to really dive deep into different ways of printing. I also worked on a few of the projects for a few weeks at a time, that's not easy for kids usually ;). Waiting is tough but I'm a firm believer that in art ( and any creative "making" for that matter) learning that wonderful things may take time, planning and PROCESS is a beautiful lesson to learn at any age! I try to throw in more "immediate" things for them to do as well so I don't drive them crazy ;).

The Memory Games were really cool because they learned that they could print super small and then group them together. Carving on the tiny Styrofoam pieces was interesting and I enjoyed seeing how they printed as a whole before we cut them up to make our games. We also printed the boxes with an additive form of printing instead of the subtractive form we did on the Styrofoam.


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