Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some final jewelry enrichment pieces

I strung these gorgeous hand painted beads for our youngest student but she painted them all by herself ;). I was so impressed that she spent the time to cover every blank space with paint- stunning!!
A leather cuff made by a third grader. She dyed it with blue and cranberry dye. I wanted to keep the SO bad so I could wear it myself. I absolutely love it!!
Hair clips made with pre cut pieces as well and felt and foam they cut themselves and layered to their liking.
Beautiful necklace made from hand made clay beads.

Wonderful embroidery made by a Kindergartner! I used a special glue to adhere her work to a leather backing and punched a hole it for her. Then she strung it with a variety of beads.
More lovely handmade clay beads.

Super cool wire sculptures around arrowheads! These were a ton of fun!!
This piece was a leather cuff with eyelets. The student got even more creative and wrapped wire around it- great idea!!!

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