Friday, March 30, 2012

Building FORTS!!

We are in week two of the fort enrichment class. The students are working in teams. Each team created a "theme" for their respective forts and we ended up with an Animal Daycare, a Hippie House, a Fun House and a Tiki Hut (how cool are those???). I encouraged them to write down their ideas during the brainstorming session. I included a photo of notes made by a first grader and a kindergartner because I was tickled pink that they had written down so many details!

I picked out wood for the kids that fit our class is on the second floor so they have to fit on the elevator, be light enough to carry and big enough to keep in the hallway during the weeks of class. Then I cut wood pieces 1/16th the scale of the real pieces and the students built models of their future forts. They cannot have wood for their roofs and some of their walls need to be straw or bead curtains, etc. so that the forts stay as light as possible.

The BEST part about this class is the help given to us by one of my students wonderful fathers. They are a military family and dad has been serving in Afghanistan for the past year. The bonus is he that is an engineer and was willing to give us some guidance! I'll write a post all about his contribution to the class later this week!

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