Monday, May 28, 2012

Birdhouses!....end of the year auction items

With each class I made an item to auction at the end of the year Spring Showcase. The Showcase is an event that combines the art, music and Spanish departments. We have a BLAST planning these events and I get super sappy during them!!

It's quite a gift to be involved with and teach the entire school. During the performance I was taking pictures of my own son performing but trying to get as many pictures of every student because my heart swells watching them as well :).

These pieces were made by two of the Kindergarten classes. They each painted a few wood squares and rectangles and I glued them to a birdhouse then painted the open areas. I watched several kids run up to the birdhouse and search to find the squares that they contributed ;). Collaborative projects rock! So does raising a good amount of money for the art department on auction items!!


  1. We are going to do this project with our Kinders. It is so cute. What are the dimensions of the bird houses?

    1. Thanks Dana!! I bought the birdhouses at Michaels. The tall one is about 12 inches high and 5 inches wide. The smaller one is about 7x7.....those measurements are approximate ;). Each student designed 2 or 3 little wood pieces. Would love to see a picture when you finish yours!

  2. I am happy to send you a pick of both project. My kinders class is doing birdhouses and my 2nd grader is doing the color burst (that's what we are calling it) with the little wooden ovals and circles. Anyway, I wondered if you sealed the little tiles with anything and what type of glue to glue on birdhouses.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Great! Will look forward to seeing how they turn out!!

    I did spray Mod Podge on them when it was complete and I used Elmers glue all to glue them on.