Sunday, July 8, 2012

Color Wheel game

This is not entirely completed but it is one of the several interactive "games" I've been making over the summer for the coming year. I've taught color theory for a while now and I see it stick really well with some kids but it doesn't resonate with others. I've obsessed over how to make it more enticing for the kids to learn and this is my idea ;).

I bought an unstained wood table top from Lowes and painted it with a simple color wheel showing primary, secondary and tertiary colors. I painted little wood pieces to match each color on the color wheel and I drilled eye hooks into the top of each one (bought those at Discount School Supply).

The color wheel is mounted a wood base that I built with a rod so the wheel spins (endless fun!). I mounted my "arrow" at the top and painted a sign. I have two ideas so far for games- a child can spin twice and whatever two colors they land on we will mix together as a class to see what color we create (we might be making "mud" colors but that's OK- we are learning!). We can also play a color scheme game by landing on colors and figure out what color scheme those colors would make.

In addition to the games, each time a child lands on a color they will pick the corresponding wood piece and try to name if that color is primary, secondary or tertiary.

My hope is this hands on exposure will really get the students mastering color in no time and have a really good time doing it!!

So far my own children can't stop spinning this thing since I mounted it in my room a couple of weeks ago ;). I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is a hit with my students as well!!

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