Friday, February 8, 2013

Hand Sewn Gingerbread characters by Clark's 2nd grade

I was super excited when my son's 2nd grade teacher asked me to come in to provide an extension on their writing project. They have been studying the author and illustrator Jan Brett. They each wrote a story based around a Gingerbread character after reading Gingerbread Baby. 

My part in the project was giving them the resources to visualize and construct their Gingerbread character into a real stuffed animal ;)). Can it get any more fun that that?? Needless to say the kids were completely obsessed with making their Gingerbread characters. 

Seeing their excitement was contagious and I was floored by their sewing skills. Hand sewn (except when we ran out of time I machine stitched a few openings) by the students and hand stuffed as well......simply wonderful! 

The icing on the cake was when they came to my regular art class time on Monday afternoon and "F" told me that he loved his Gingerbread character so much he was sleeping with it every night- then several others chimed in saying they did the same :))). Thank you so much Mrs. Clark for letting me be a part of this special project!!

    LOVE the bow!! When she asked me how to construct the jacket we looked at how my sweater connected and she figured out how to make it look like it was an unbuttoned jacket- wonderful!
                                       What a clever way to add the mouth. Notice the shorts too ;).

 I like how this student used the orange fabric for bandana and then stuck with green for the other embellishments.
 How great is this one with the monkey tail!? In his story the Gingerbread was a monkey- awesome!
 I think I want to take this one home with me to sleep with- doesn't he look snuggly? Really great solution to making the clothing.

 This little girl has incredible craftsmanship skills- I'm blessed to have her in my after school enrichment courses as well as regular school. I adore the vest and how she approached making the mouth.
                                 How fabulous is this cozy little guy's stitching?? These kids are 7 and 8!
 Again, beautifully stitched and the use of buttons is great! So glad the button nose was chosen to be it a ton of character just from that once choice.
                                                 I love, love, LOVE the butterfly eyes!!!
                WOW on the stitching and cute way to color coordinate the buttons. Great detail!
   So great that this one has really long hair- such a nice way to accentuate the detail that was important.

 Notice the trims on the outfit!! So cool!

 My own son's gingerbread boy ;). He asked me for Velcro so he could make his character "hug himself".
                                                      Here with his cute little arms open.
                                                      The outfit on this one is to die for!!
 This precious Mickey Mouse gingerbread character needed casts for his broken his arms, legs and has "head gear"- is that imagination at it's finest or what??
                This guy has an entire outfit!! So neat!!!

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