Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cyanotype fabric lesson with Morrison's class- part two- turning them into tote bags!

 I took the Cyanotype fabric pieces home and cut a matching piece for each one. I sewed the bottoms together as well as sewed on handles to form a tote bag. I had decided to teach the kids how to whip stitch the sides. I knew I had Mrs. Morrison's help while I was teaching them how to sew so I wasn't too worried ;))). 

I had them make little dots down each side, using a ruler, at each quarter inch. Morrison and I knotted and threaded the needles for them and then they simply went in each dot, looped around the back and went in the next dot. They did wonderful!!!!

These kids sewed for over an hour with crazy concentration- I was impressed!! If one student finished early then they quickly got to work helping another. I took several close up shots so you can see the beautiful stitching.


Here are the completed tote bags- looking at them makes my heart swell!! Great job Morrison's class!!!!

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