Sunday, February 2, 2014

So we begin to sew....

I am a HUGE advocate for teaching kids how to sew! It teaches how to construct, persist, slow down, brings attention to craftsmanship, requires planning, requires seeing how putting something together needs to be rotated or flipped......I can go on and on. I didn't expect my younger grades to sew their entire stuffed animal together on their own so for a few weeks we spent time sewing more details ON to our stuffed animals. This let each child decide for themselves how much or how little they wanted to sew. Teaching the actual sewing went a lot easier than I expected ;).
We practiced on a bioluminescent Loose Jaw Dragonfish that we studied and I drew then copied on cardstock.

A super talented 6th grader adding hand sewn details to his fish.

Because they made a front and back (mirror image) for their stuffed animal they had to decide if they wanted to sew the same thing or different things on either side.


Fourth graders.
Two of my sweet first graders ;).

Another fourth grader- I loved his creature idea!

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