Saturday, January 24, 2015

Making nocturnal (glow in the dark) stuffed animals with Cataldo's class

 Every once in a while I get the ooportunity to go into one of my own children's classes and teach a lesson as a mom- it's one of my favorite things to do!

My kindergartner's class was learning about nocturnal animals so I taught an extension by making nocturnal animal stuffed animals with them. They picked which nocturnal animal they had previously studied that interested them the most and they determined the most important qualities for that animal to survive (like a frog's skin or patterns to warn off predators). They sketched their animals in their art journals with all of the specific qualities they wanted to include. Then they drew the animal on large paper. Next, they put white fabric over the paper and traced the drawing onto fabric. Now it was ready for painting, sewing and stuffing!

Pre-drawing/planning in their art journals
transferring his sketch to the fabric
just starting to paint on their animal drawings- with glow in the dark paint!
after drawing, painting and sewing, we add the fluff inside!!
Lovin' the fluff!!!
completed stuffed animal next to the original sketch- I am so enamored with the sketches.


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