Saturday, January 2, 2016

Middle School Ojo de Dios (God's Eyes)

An Ojo de dios is woven with yarn and wood sticks. They are gorgeous to look at and so therapeutic to make. I'll get into the history and origination of Ojos in another post......many of you may remember making them in grade school or in camp ;). 

We started the project with our middle school students. Their goal was to pick an emotion or feeling word (one word only) and then make connections to colors that reminded them of their word. The connections were supposed to be personal. 

For example- if my word was "confident", one of my color connections would be the color black because the San Antonio Spurs logo is black and I am confident in their ability to win. The kids made several color connections to their emotion word. When their brainstorming was done they began to plan out patterns for their Ojos de Dios. Eventually they would be gluing their individual Ojos together to make a larger piece. After that piece was complete, they would then make a stop  motion animation movie with it ;).
A middle school student's first group of Ojos de Dios.
Another middle school student's Ojos layout starting to form.

Beautiful! Beginning to glue them together.
Just a teeny tiny bit of insight into the massive amount of yarn Mrs. Slats and I have been untangling these past couple of months :).

How I spent my son's soccer practices from October to December.....untangling and rolling yarn into little, neat balls.

A picture of one student filming her stop motion animation- so fun!!!

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