Sunday, March 20, 2016

Kinder- the Color Mailman!!!

Ready to mail a color "fact" through the color mail!!

Busy bees!

When they bring correct color "facts" to the color MailMan they get this special stamp on their letter.

Please say that you notice the tiny drawings of the color wheel on the bottom left hand!!!

Filling up quick!

I was worried that all of the color mixing and color theory lessons I had taught over the first few months of school wasn't with the help of my third grader, Laci, we came up with this super fun way of assessing the kindergartner's color knowledge without them knowing it ;).

We transformed our Santa Clause mailbox into a "color mailbox" and I made a color mailman hat (I'll spare you a selfie). The plan was that the students would each get a set of blank letters, stamps and envelopes to fill in with facts that they knew about color. For example,  "the primary colors are red, yellow and blue" or "blue and yellow make green". When they were done completing a piece of mail they raised their hand and I called on them to bring it to the Color Mailman (me :)). If their fact was incorrect I modeled for them how to make it correct and then they brought it back to me to mail. Each time they brought the mailman a correct fact they got to stamp their mail with the special giraffe stamp and put the mail in the color mailbox (they loved it ;)). After they mailed 3 pieces of correct color mail they earned a special eraser (thank you Target dollar section!!).

They still beg me for the color mailman to come back so I need to find a way to incorporate it into another lesson. I also was able to pinpoint the kiddos who needed more color lessons and work with them one on one.

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