Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kindergarten color theory moblie

I don't typically do just color theory exercises, I prefer to constantly weave color theory in every lesson- we talk about it a LOT. I'm simply amazed at how knowledgeable my kindergartners have become so quickly on how color works. They are already starting to finish my sentences when we are talking about color ;).

I integrated this mobile making lesson in with the unit we did on the book with very little words "Tuesday" (I will post more on that unit shortly) and limited their color choices to red (warm) and blue (cool). We also worked with pattern so I could squeeze a little math in. The fascinating thing about it to me was that they figured out (on their own!) some of the reds were warmer or cooler and used them accordingly. Great job kids!!!

We had a BLAST making the mobile and I was thrilled because I get to look at it in my room every day and the "big" kids in the higher grades oooo and aaahh over it. I plan on doing a much more in depth mobile after winter break that will challenge their understanding of color a little more.......might run out of space in my room soon but it is totally worth it!!! ;)

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