Monday, June 4, 2012

The winner of the Fort Kit ;)

I struggled this year with getting the kids to settle down the first few minutes of class ;). I can't blame walk in to a class where most of the time you get to talk while you "work", there are always super cool materials sitting at your desk waiting for you and you naturally want to get started!! I totally understand why it's a few minutes of excitement....however, I'm dying to teach and I need them to focus on me for just a little while so I can outline their "challenges" for that day.

To reward the students who remembered to walk in completely quiet, not touch their materials and wait for me to start, I began the "perfect entrance bucket". Super simple- I nailed a bucket to the wall and every time a student walked in with a "perfect entrance" I wrote their name on paper and put it in the bucket. I told them I would pull a name out at the end of the year and one of them would win a fort kit- made by me. These kits are all over the web and Pinterest (hello- addiction) and they are adorable. I had a blast putting mine together!!

I decided to pull two names. Matthew is in 3rd grade and he received an itunes gift card (his choice ;)) and Brooke is in Kindergarten, she brought home the fort kit. Both of these students are such a dream for me to teach! Helpful, engaged and kind- I was so happy to spoil them a little.

Thanks to both of you for working so hard!!!

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