Thursday, August 2, 2012

My (new) art room!

I was very grateful for my room last year (I did love it!!) but it was pretty small and I had to use the sink in the adjoining science room, which was tough. This year they moved me down to the room that was built to be the art facility for the school (yeee haaaw!). It is SUPER big and has 3 (count them...THREE!) sinks. Since our school is doubling in size (I'll have almost 500 students) the space and art amenities are very welcome. I am also very excited about having a door to the outside. This will open up connecting with our natural world in the art room and allows me to do lots of messy dye projects ;).

I carved out a little space to create a drawing/art library corner. I have an addiction so I'll be bringing many more books I've bought over the summer to stock my little shelves. I installed my Art Elements sorting game on the wall as well as a drawing station. Each little slot contains a drawing prompt or challenge. Because I have an intense Typography unit planned for later in the year, I framed several inspirational examples of beautiful type face. I built a frame for community sewing ;). I'll teach the kids different stitches and hope to have a nice collaborative piece by the end of the year.

For my sink organization I found these cheap ,white, plastic cups at Target. I drilled them into a piece of painted wood and used a stencil to label them. One of our awesome Kindergarten teachers saved these GORGEOUS paintings for me. I absolutely LOVE them! They have writing on them but it is Chinese so I don't know what they say. If I can find someone who can read it to me I will research the painter.

Us teachers go back to school next week.......I'll miss the summer immensely but I'm excited to fill up my new room with lots of kids making art! We will see how long it stays this organized ;).

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