Monday, December 30, 2013

Bioluminescent creature stuffed animals


Our next project we worked on for over 2 months but we covered SO much! Since we had previously worked with how we could make art with light, I thought it would be interesting to explore living organisms that are bioluminescent-which means they create their own light. We watched videos, read excerpts from articles and discussed bioluminescence. The kids broke into groups and each completed a mini-research assignment on a specific bioluminescent organism.
After I felt like they had a good grasp on why an organism would use bioluminescence to survive in it's environment, I gave them brainstorming worksheets to invent a creature that could make it's own light. The creature had to use the light to survive somewhere on earth- sky, air or land.
They sketched and planned their creatures and then I gave them two pieces of fabric. They drew their creature on one fabric and then traced a mirror image onto the second fabric.
Now the fun part began ;). I stocked up on a bunch of glow in the dark paint and between turning the lights off and on we painted our creatures over the next couple of weeks. Listening to them get so excited when they saw the glowing areas on their creatures was wonderful! They had worked so hard to plan and execute their pieces. Next I just needed to teach them how to sew so we could turn them into stuffed animals ;).

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