Sunday, September 14, 2014

I thought about these all summer- art journals!

 This year we made Art Journals and the students became book designers using colored tapes, patterned paper and circle stickers. I wanted to assess how they handled basics like glue sticks, scissors and peeling/sticking tape. I also challenged them to invent an envelope or pouch to hold the "art cash" that they will earn throughout the year. Some kids folded a journal page into a triangle, creating a sleeve that they reinforced with tape to hold their art cash- clever!!

The students will use their art journals very similar to a sketchbook but not just for sketches. They will record brainstorming ideas, self-reflections, sketches and keep written responses in them.

We had a great time designing with the tapes and I realized that I have lots of kiddos proficient in the language of duct tape design ;). I can't wait to see the journals full of ideas and reflections from class!!!



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