Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Woodworking Camp!

:) Woodworking camp started this week! My class is so precious!! They make all of the planning I have done to make this camp possible worth every second!!
You might not be able to tell from these pictures but we are making wood, fully functioning gumball machines. I can't take credit for the design- I found the instructions on Instructables posted by a high school shop educator. Genius!
 Because my kids are elementary aged they certainly couldn't operate a drill press and scroll saw so I prepped all of the gumball bases for them before camp started. Depending on the age level I'm teaching them beginning woodworking skills with a variety of tools. We are also working on understanding simple machines, developing well thought out characters and personification.
The first two days of camp have been a lot of prepping, brainstorming and writing. Watching them develop their ideas is always very interesting to me.
The following pictures are from Monday's class. The kids designed a woodworking art journal to record their sketches and reflections. They also (very patiently) worked on sanding their gumball machine bases with sandpaper as well as files.

Doing a great job getting the sandpaper in the gumball holes!

Beautiful journals!!

Clever, this student layered the stickers to make those little flowers.

All of the stickers I passed out were a hit ;)!!

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