Monday, May 2, 2016

Painting the night- Nocturnal Animals Kindergarten painting

 Mmmmmm, I love this kindergarten lesson! Each year the kindergartners study nocturnal animals in their homeroom classes. By the time I do this lesson with them they are nocturnal animal experts! We start our lesson by going "pretend camping". I turn off the lights, set up lanterns and play nighttime noises in the background. We practice visualizing. I read them a story (Little Owl at Night) and they sketch what they visualize in their sketchbook. It's really fun!

After "camping" we launch into a few weeks of learning and practicing different painting techniques to make it look like nighttime. They look through my little library of books that are set at night. We try to figure out how the artist made it look like night, what kind of paint or materials they used, did the artist erase, did they use a resist, etc.  After these lessons the kids pick a nocturnal animal they studied in homeroom and they make a large painting portraying the animal in their nighttime environment. The idea is to use all of their background knowledge (from homeroom class and art class) to create their painting.

Pretend camping and drawing what we visualize in our art journals.

Some of the journal pages with their visualizations.

Beginning our paintings!


Hard at work.

We used glitter watercolor crayons- messy.....but wonderful.

Finishing our paintings by addressing the border and getting them ready to present.

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