Monday, September 17, 2012

Books about color ;)

 I had a few extra minutes in a couple of my classes these past few weeks due to missing so many Mondays as well as starting late often during the first week of school. It opened up time in a kinder class and a first grade class to make these color/feeling books.

I made the books before class- super easy. Just cut, fold, punch holes and add brads. During their color review we discussed how colors make us feel or things that certain colors remind us of. I encouraged them to think of those connections as they made their secondary colors. I also grabbed at the chance to review the spelling of color words.

In each page they painted their colors, wrote the color word and the connection they made to the color. I have one wonderful little guy "T" who got the kids excited when he said that his deep red reminded him of "really HOT lava!!!"....which he said with great enthusiasm ;). His connection cracked the ice and got the other kids creative juices flowing. Good stuff!!!! Thank you "T"- you are awesome!!

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