Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our past few weeks.....painted paper collages

We have been so busy these past weeks! I am incredibly impressed by how much the kids have poured into their collages. We will be into the 4th week of working on these and none of them have complained about working on them for so long (??!!)- how is that for stamina?! I'm very proud of them!!

They had the choice to trace things that I had set on the table (blocks, cans, craft templates) or draw their own creation and then they laboriously place tiny pieces of painted paper into the drawing.

I have reviewed with them that they have to cover up all of the white paper (gasp! those papers are pretty big) but I promised on the last day I will give them oil pastels and watercolor pencils to add background color and details. We will finally finish these up this week.

I'll post the final pieces when completed. Fabulous work kids!!!

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