Monday, September 10, 2012

Review- mixing colors

Aaaah- "review".....I have to admit the beginning of the year is tough for me. I am so ridiculously excited about jumping into everything that I have planned to make with my kids but I am held back by the need to run through "boring" things like procedures, art room rules and "how to" use the sink, clean paintbrushes, put lids on glue sticks, etc. one silver lining is reviewing color. Color NEVER bores me!!

We have reviewed color in a few ways already in the past few weeks. I took these shots of some of the younger grades color wheels that they made by mixing oil pastels. I have to confess that I switched to mixing colored pencils instead of pastels mid-week because the mess was already getting out of my hands ;).....I have many messy months ahead of me! The mixing skills were pretty impressive though- well worth the mess!

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