Monday, June 2, 2014

Kindergarten's symmetry project- up to my eyeballs in pom poms ;)

For the symmetry project each grade level used a material that was developmentally appropriate for them. My favorite part of using pom poms for the kindergarteners was that it gave them intense practice gluing with a glue bottle and gluing a material that is not paper. That's tricky! And very good for them!!
When they thought they were "done" (or bored with the project maybe ;)) we pretended to put our "detective glasses" on to hunt down any white spots that were not covered. If they found a white spot they had to fill it in with a pom pom. This took a lot of perseverance! I wanted to hug them to pieces when I would see one of them quietly leaning over their piece, putting their little hands to their eyes like glasses, searching for white spots. Love!!!

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