Monday, June 2, 2014

Mrs. Neptune's third grade- country research projects, time zones and clock making

 This project was one of the highlights of my year. Mrs. Neptune's class was working on a research project about countries- each kid picked a country to study, compile information and present to the class. They each gave a powerpoint presentation, replicated a popular game and also made food from their country for their classmates to try.

For my part I thought it would be neat to teach them about time zones and create clocks that used their researched information to portray their country. Learning about time zones was actually really informative for me! I had no idea when and why time zones were created- interesting!! We also studied traditional Cuckoo clocks to get them thinking about how a clock could possibly be a work of art. I found great clocks at Ikea and bought one for each student.

The outside was plastic so we painted them with acrylic paint. Some of them used their flag's colors and others used colors in their country's landscape. Then they drew images related to their country on the face of the clock (which is paper). They drew popular foods, sports, games, places of interest and particular clothing. It was so cool to see what they were learning and have them relate that visually!

For the finishing touch I gave them air dry clay. They modeled and painted little images to glue around their clocks. They turned out incredible!!!

Each child needed to find out the difference in hours between their country's time zone and the time here in Tampa. We all set our clocks to the same time and I hung them outside of their classroom, ticking away!!!






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